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Write a thesis, no matter what subject

Let’s say you intend to write the doctoral thesis in medicine. This is, so to speak, the culmination of your studies. During your medical studies, you completed a medical dissertation and passed the examination for the dissertation after graduation.

What is the doctoral thesis and when should it start? What is there for doctoral theses?

In most cases the doctoral thesis in medicine starts between the 5th and 10th semester. There are, quite simply, two types of doctoral theses in medicine: Either the work is easy and short, or difficult and time-consuming. If you define that more exactly by type, then we can say that there is a statistical doctoral thesis in medicine and an experimental doctoral thesis in medicine. How do you decide which type to address and what kind of doctoral thesis to write in medicine?

Statistical doctoral theses are conducted in the context of specific clinical studies. For example, one wants to investigate if a particular drug has an effect on blood pressure. Patients are given the medication and the blood pressure is checked after some time. In an experimental work you are working in the research laboratory. For example, one tests new variants of the drug on experimental animals and makes sure that the blood pressure changes somehow.

Then how do you choose which doctoral thesis to write? If you see yourself as a future researcher in the lab and you want to work in research, then you can recommend writing a detailed experimental PhD thesis in the lab. As a rule, the research, preparation, writing, proofreading and editing of an experimental doctoral thesis in medicine take 5 semesters, i. two and a half years.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel like giving so much time and effort, then a simpler statistical doctoral thesis would make sense. If you want to work later in a family practice, it does not matter if you worked in the lab during your studies and did some research.

Doctoral theses are as different in their length as in the subjects. The length of a doctoral thesis in medicine ranges from 15 to 300 pages DIN-A4.

Formatting of the doctoral thesis

Then we come to the formatting of the doctoral thesis. You have no idea which font size the footnotes have to be, what the bibliography looks like and what the margins have to be? Most importantly, knowing that there is no universal formatting for doctoral thesis in medicine, statistics or other fields. You decide yourself in which format to set the work. There is no such thing as wrong footnote size. The situation is different with the citation method. The right citation in medicine is considered by lawyers to be unscientific. Do not know how to quote, ask your supervisor. He will eventually have to proofread the work later, so you should try to make it easier for him.

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We hope that in this article you have learned important rules in setting up a doctoral thesis on how to choose the topic of the doctoral thesis. Of course, the details depend on the subject area, and it is crucial that you find patterns of doctoral theses in the library or online, even if you have your thesis written to us. When the dissertation is done, print it out on high quality paper and let it bind.

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