Acknowledgments for the right occasion

Write a thanks

Writing an individual thanksgiving can be done in many different forms, on good and bad occasions, it can be presented in writing or it can also be read orally. The best-known forms include, but the acknowledgments, which are addressed in death traps to the deceased, but also those that are written in books or presented in speeches, whereby acknowledgments in general have a more official character.

But there is also the act of thanksgiving in science, we know it from books in which authors and scientists, their supporters and helpers would like to express their thanks. This often happens with scientists, even in their publications, where the helpers and supporters are then mentioned by name in order to receive a share of the honor.

What can be reasons for a Thanksgiving?

There are different reasons to write a Thanksgiving, and so there are different forms of thanksgiving.

Reasons and thus topics, would be for example:

  • A financial support
  • An editorial support
  • A moral support
  • An intellectual support
  • A technical support

In addition to weddings, birthdays and other occasions and in which it is worthwhile to set up a lectern, thanksgiving can be expressed. But it also happens that a thanksgiving in bachelor’s or the thesis, the master’s thesis, the dissertation, and the doctoral thesis are pronounced. All important occasions where help is always welcome. Whether the moral and financial support of the family or the assistance of the knowledge of fellow students, tutors, professors, who take the time to stand beside the general lectures and seminars. There is a dedication, as an example, often the least to preserve the good decency.

How should Thanksgiving letter look like?

Such a thanksgiving can already be incorporated in the thesis and thus immortalized in it. So it’s good to be able to hit the right note. Here, the thank-you can also comment on his thesis on the emergence, pathetically express themselves at the time in which it was written, which fights were exposed and how everything was done at the right time, just thanks to the help that became part of you.

Since writing a Thanksgiving letter may seem exaggerated and can not be found on bachelor theses and the like, this step should be well considered to prevent embarrassment. But just then, if a thank you is really appropriate, a thanksgiving can be something very special and also shows that the thank you is meant really seriously.

A Thanksgiving is always something personal and is as good as always on top of the first pages, in books, for example, even before the foreword. There are some guidelines for a Thanksgiving, though not many, but basically it is informal. So it should not be too long, well formulated, it must be in front of the table of contents. It should be avoided to incorporate too much personal information, to pronounce acknowledgments only if they are really justified and not because of trivialities. It can be initiated with a quote. It should also be given no thanks to the staff of the university, because on the one hand, it is their job to help the student to complete his studies and, on the other hand, it could be misunderstood and regarded as an attempt of influence.


  • Acknowledgment in a university dissertation is not always appropriate and should be considered carefully.
  • Only give a thanks if it is justified.
  • A thanksgiving should be well worded and in no way exaggerated.
  • Gladly can be pronounced about the origin and the associated difficulties.
  • It should not exceed the circumference of one side.
  • Neither the examiner nor the supervisor thank.

Anyone who would like to accommodate a Thanksgiving in his scientific work can gladly download an example for such a dedication or a template as a sample from the Internet. There is also one or the other presentation of a thanks on other bachelor or master theses or often you can see thank you for good cooperation in nonfiction books.

However, professional services can also be used or commissioned. In this way, thanksgiving texts can benefit from the help and experience of others who actually understand some of it, so there is something in your thesis that will do them justice. Acknowledgments in a scholarly paper should not be written so simply because such an attempt can seem too overdone and thus miss its effect, as a thank-you note, as mentioned earlier, at such a location, seems to be a sensitive topic anyway. Acknowledgment in the Master’s thesis can also be viewed as a sample with tips and help for the implementation.

What needs to be considered when writing an abstract

What is an abstract?

At more and more universities will write the abstract, required by the students, in their studies to incorporate it into their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, as well as the dissertations. An abstract is a part, an academic work, in which about half a page is to be summarized, which is treated thematically. It is an excerpt, and that’s exactly what the word abstract means, it can also be described by the term abstract, but has nothing to do with the term abstract. On the contrary, an abstract requires a lot of concrete things. Unfortunately, the existing, well-known, German terms are ignored, probably they are just too common, which is why a foreign word is preferred here. Demands are required for abstract writing, the research background, methodology and structure, data analysis, as well as the results of the research. The difference to an expose, for example, is that it must be absolutely clear what results are found in the bachelor thesis, or if this should already be written, but in any case the research results must be available.

The point is to show clearly and openly what has been worked on and what results have been achieved, without having to spend too much time writing or creating a suspense. An individual note is not needed in any case. The reader should be quickly confronted with the research and the results in order to be able to make a judgment on the relevance, the scientific work, which is actually involved.

A reader should decide by reading a vote whether the topic is interesting and wants to know more.

The structure of the abstact is taken from the main work, and looks like this:

Content, with the outline

  • Introduction, with the research questions, state of research and the hypothesis
  • Method, explaining the examinations and the evaluation
  • Present and explain results
  • Interpret results and answer research questions
  • A abstact must not be confused with a conclusion or the conclusion, because both differ in some points. When writing an abstract, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Keep short / guideline are in about 150 words
  • Should be at the beginning of the work
  • Is a separate section and not part of the main text
  • Do not score
  • Can stand alone as text. that is, it is a closed text
  • Step by step outline Abstract letter

Abstract content:

Write a short outline to the abstract, which quickly shows how the Abstact is composed correctly

Abstract Introduction:

To summarize here what is the subject of your own research. To formulate the state of research very briefly and to compile a list of the research questions that will be incorporated into the academic work. Also, the hypothesis should be set here and be clearly recognizable what the scientific work aims at. On a quote can and should be waived.


As well as in the work, it has to be explained which working methods are used to investigate the core questions, so that the procedure becomes absolutely comprehensible. So the method has to be mentioned, but also how it should be used, in this particular case. Subsequently, the evaluation of the work steps should stand and lead to the next point.


Here, the results of the investigation must be dealt with exactly, they must be described very precisely and it must be clear to see which investigation is to be assigned to which result.


Here, the results must be compared with the preceding hypothesis to see if this could be confirmed, also now the research questions must be answered with the help of the results.

An abstract thesis is usually not available at the universities, but it is good to know what exactly to do when writing the abstract, because it can be required for a thesis. Which is why it is advisable to write an abstract once, as an example or pattern, to know what to do when it matters.

Write tips for the summary

Everyone has had the opportunity to do this at school, but can also be required to do their studies and also to do a thesis. The summary structure is very simple. First, the text should always be read well, if necessary, a second or third time. Here are the most important passages, so to highlight the key messages. When writing summary, the structure and the process is very important but not really difficult.

In the introduction, the author and the subject of the text should be mentioned and, if available, the date of publication. Then it goes on, with the main part, in which the collected or marked points are to be processed one after the other by being formulated in succinct passages of meaning and briefly explained. It should only be reproduced objectively, what can be read in the source text and therefore here is, in no case room for one’s own opinion. The text is written in the present tense and own formulations should be found and not taken from the source. Finally, the last part summarizes the main message of the text, but in no more than one or two sentences.

If you have to write a bachelor thesis you should prepare yourself for assignments that are unexpected and in addition to the actual work. So there is the abstract bachelor thesis or a short version bachelor thesis or a summery or a summary master thesis. It may be important to have a summary or abstract for the proofreading editor, if a work is done in the editing department.

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Let’s say you intend to write the doctoral thesis in medicine. This is, so to speak, the culmination of your studies. During your medical studies, you completed a medical dissertation and passed the examination for the dissertation after graduation.

What is the doctoral thesis and when should it start? What is there for doctoral theses?

In most cases the doctoral thesis in medicine starts between the 5th and 10th semester. There are, quite simply, two types of doctoral theses in medicine: Either the work is easy and short, or difficult and time-consuming. If you define that more exactly by type, then we can say that there is a statistical doctoral thesis in medicine and an experimental doctoral thesis in medicine. How do you decide which type to address and what kind of doctoral thesis to write in medicine?

Statistical doctoral theses are conducted in the context of specific clinical studies. For example, one wants to investigate if a particular drug has an effect on blood pressure. Patients are given the medication and the blood pressure is checked after some time. In an experimental work you are working in the research laboratory. For example, one tests new variants of the drug on experimental animals and makes sure that the blood pressure changes somehow.

Then how do you choose which doctoral thesis to write? If you see yourself as a future researcher in the lab and you want to work in research, then you can recommend writing a detailed experimental PhD thesis in the lab. As a rule, the research, preparation, writing, proofreading and editing of an experimental doctoral thesis in medicine take 5 semesters, i. two and a half years.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel like giving so much time and effort, then a simpler statistical doctoral thesis would make sense. If you want to work later in a family practice, it does not matter if you worked in the lab during your studies and did some research.

Doctoral theses are as different in their length as in the subjects. The length of a doctoral thesis in medicine ranges from 15 to 300 pages DIN-A4.

Formatting of the doctoral thesis

Then we come to the formatting of the doctoral thesis. You have no idea which font size the footnotes have to be, what the bibliography looks like and what the margins have to be? Most importantly, knowing that there is no universal formatting for doctoral thesis in medicine, statistics or other fields. You decide yourself in which format to set the work. There is no such thing as wrong footnote size. The situation is different with the citation method. The right citation in medicine is considered by lawyers to be unscientific. Do not know how to quote, ask your supervisor. He will eventually have to proofread the work later, so you should try to make it easier for him.

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