Last Update: 2011-01-21 20:27:12 +0100


Merge snapshots and build a new snapshot with all files.


bc3_merge.rb '*.bcss'

Takes all snapshots in the directory and build a new one.


Target snapshot

The filename for the target snapshot will be compound by snapshot_merge_ and a time stamp.

You may choose your own name:

bc3_merge.rb *.bcss -t merged_snapshot.bcss

Folder for insertion

If you add a snapshot, you must define, how you add the snapshot.

Each snapshot has a source path, e.g. c:/user/me/folder1. There are three different possible behaviours how you handle the source path of your snapshoot.

Attention! When you use wildcards inside a shell, the may be expanded. To move the wildcards to the script, you must mask your input


bc3_merge.rb -r *.bcss


bc3_merge.rb -r '*.bcss'

Full source path

The full source path (starting from roor) will be added to the snapshot

bc3_merge.rb -r '*.bcss'


bc3_merge.rb -root '*.bcss'

Add with base path

The snapshot is added with the base directory name.

With source path _c:/user/me/folder1_, the snapshot would be added as folder1

bc3_merge *.bcss


bc3_merge -base '*.bcss'


bc3_merge --base '*.bcss'

Add without source path info

The snapshot is added directly to the target snapshot. There is no source path information used.

bc3_merge -i '*.bcss'


bc3_merge --initial '*.bcss'

Usage Examples

bc3_merge.rb my_folder1.bcss my_folder1.bcss

Takes the two snapshots and mix them.

bc3_merge.rb '*.bcss'

Takes all snapshots in the directory and build a new one.

Required files

  1. optparse
  2. bc3